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Resistor original artwork by AbcArtAttack, Bryce Chisholm
Arthur Bryce Chisholm is an artist born in the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada.  Bryce graduated from Earl Wooster High School and then continued his education at Truckee Meadows Community College.   He then furthered his education at the University of Nevada, Reno, under the guidance of Michael Sarich, this is when his art really began to grow.
Exploring many subjects from history, Bryce has always had a fond liking for undervalued beauty.   Finding the best parts of a dirty city has led to his love of graffiti and street art.  Coming upon a beautiful mural in a dark seedy alley always leaves a good impression on him.  The message graffiti can get across is very powerful to Bryce and inspires him to push his art, in ways that portray real human emotions with a raw street feeling.
Bryce has painted in nearly every medium there is from oil, acrylic, water color, spray paint and basically anything he can get his hands on.  He likes to paint… a lot, and he will do it on just about any surface he can get a hold of.  Stencils have been his latest passion.  Designing and cutting out a stencil is a long, finger wrenching process that is so rewarding in the end.  Using stencils, spray paint, and acrylic to create intricate paintings with vibrant colors is what fills his current body of work.
You can find more info about Bryce on his Facebook art page AbcArtAttack. Follow along and see daily post and progress shots.
Most of his art can be found on Deviant Art, where he also started a group called Nevada Artist Unite, which showcases art and photographers from around the state of Nevada.


  • Muralist and artist for the City of Reno
  • Official artist of Artown 2014
  • Official stage art for TedX Reno
  • Artwork auctioned for $50,000 for Doors to Recovery at Nevada Museum of Art
AbcArtAttack, Bryce Chisholm working on a painting
AbcArtAttack, Bryce Chisholm holding the painting, Lincoln Patriot Thug
AbcArtAttack, Bryce Chisholm working on a mural at Nevada Fine Arts in Reno, Nevada
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